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Anointed Relaxation Massage, LLC



Erika Darden is a Maryland State licensed and insured massage therapist in the Baltimore County, Maryland area, with 10 years of massage therapy experience. I continue to do extensive research on chronic pain disorders, such as Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Depression and Anxiety, to be able to offer both physical and emotional help for you. 

My take on Massage Therapy is that by using NATURAL products and a CLINICAL yet HOLISTIC approach, our minds and bodies can heal and get what it needs.

We get our sickest when our bodies and minds are stressed. Whether you come once a year for a treat or come once a week for extensive muscle rehab, massage therapy is an important factor to reduce stress, address the sources of pain and discomfort to improve function and productivity, and to help realign you with you. It is my calling to offer my knowledge, passion, and service to help everyday, ordinary caregivers like YOU achieve optimal function, health and wellness.

Holistic Massage, Pure and Natural Oils, Body Awareness , and Relaxation! 


ANOINTED RELAXATION MISSION: To assist clients in achieving and maintaining their optimum health and quality of life through regular massage therapy.

ANOINTED RELAXATION VISION: To administer massage and bodywork of the utmost quality, and to create a judgment free atmosphere of healing and well-being which is tailored to each client's individual needs and to provide a positive, caring, wellness experience that incorporates body, mind and spirit.